Our Vision

To specialize in our field with our firsts and principles, creating value and resources for our customers, employees and society.

Our Mision

With the understanding of management in accordance with the rules of quality, hygiene, environment and occupational health and safety, doing everything right the first time and doing it continuously right to provide the highest level of satisfaction of customers and employees.

Our Values

Customer Always Comes First

By accepting every customers as a friend, we always keep our customers expectations and satisfaction at the highest level. We surely keep our customers at the center of our business.

We Aim the Best in Product and Production Quality, We Fullfill Commitments

We deliver on time by doing everthing right the first time and continuously right.

Employees Underlie the Success of a Company

“Respect to Human’’ underlies in our management style. With the understanding of “Employees underlie the succes of a company” we give them tasks and provide improvement opportunties to reveal their potenial.

Business Ethics is Our Most Basic Principle

We always build fair, honest and reliable relationships by complying with laws and ethical rules.