PP Bag

Gülsan is one of the global leading production facilities in Europe, the Balkans and the Middle East with its ability to print up to 8 colors in facilities with an annual production capacity of 650,000,000 bags.

With the experience it has created since 1978, it has achieved many firsts in Turkey and in the world.

Our Firsts in the World;

Block Bottom Bag

Block Bottom Gypsum Bag

Block Bottom Cement Bag

Türkiye’de İlklerimiz:

PP Woven Bag

Tubular Leno Bag

Transparent Potato Bag

Large Size Round Bag

Laminated Bag

Laminated Charcoal Bag

Reinforced Fabric Production

Agricultural Protection Cover

Thanks to Gülsan's own masterbatch dye facility, PP bags, which can be produced in desired colors and weights, can be flexo printing up to 8 colors or photographic quality printing with/without film applied on both sides and the bottom og bags.

Gülsan Holding, the world leader in the production of block bottom bags, collaborated with the manufacturer to develop block bottom machines with the know-how it created and brought new technology machines to the world economy. In addition, with the R&D studies carried out for the growth of the market, PP bags have been used in many areas of use.

Our product range;

PP Block Bottom Valve Bag

PP Block Bottom Open Mouth Bag

PP Leno Bag

Transparent Bag

Large Size Bag

Laminated Bag

Matte Bag

Lined Bag


Shopping Bag

Protection Cover for Agricultural Products