Artificial Grass Yarn

As one of the global leading Yarn Manufacturer, Gulsan, also started the manufacturing of Monofilament Artificial Grass Yarn with the Europe’s most advanced technology and machinery park in 2010. Based on our long years of experience, and with the support of our production capabilities, our understanding of quality and customer service, we became one of the most desired yarn factories in our sector within a short period of time.

We have proven our quality by producing the yarns for the fields of FIFA Certificates.

Our Monofilament yarns are produced in various specifications: such as in PE or PP raw materials and in the filaments of 4,6,8,10,12 with twisting, wrapping and texturized forms; and between 3800 – 17000 Dtex in various cross sections and colors.

Our Monofilament yarns are produced for the sports and landscape applications and approved by the European laboratories accredited by FIFA.

PP CF Yarn

In our PP CF yarn facility, which was installed in 1983, nearly 1,000 color variations and between 300-5,000 denier yarns are produced.

PP CF Yarns are used as sewing thread in both the bottom and top of the bag, as well as in upholstery fabrics and mattress covers with a variety of mono-colored colors in the textile industry.





Synthetic Jute Yarn

Gulsan has been making the production of synthetic jute yarn since 2005 instead of natural Jute fiber which is used as weft yarn of the woven carpet. The carpets which is produced with this synthetic yarn, can be processed and re-gained at recycling facilities as this jute yarn made of 100% PP raw material.

Our synthetic jute yarn has been produced in different qualities such as 1000, 1800, 2200, 3500, 4500 and 5400 denier.

Agricultural Twine And Ropes (GÜLİP)

GÜLIP, which is the sought-after brand of Gülsan in agricultural yarn, is produced by fibrillation from 100% PP and between 5,000-100,000 denier with a high strength and resistant to the sun.

GÜLIP is produced in various specificatios and is used in both agriculture and packaging industries. It can be produced in desired denier and color.

Usage areas;

Gulip twines are used for baling, sacks mouth closing&stitching, vineyards, greenhouses, packaging, and etc.

Ürün çeşitlerimiz;

Baler twine

Greenhouse twine

Bag closing twine – mouth stitching yarn – sewing thread

Binder twine – big baler twine

Packing twine

Tomato plant twine